Un-Loved Eggs and a Simplified Life!

Lichen On Rocks – (C) Francois Cleroux 2009

So its been a very long while since I have posted a Blog. After my return from Europe being away over 6 weeks I was thrown right into life. Work. I have been so busy I have not had time to do ANY photography related work. I have been helping out with CAPA stuff but even that has suffered as I have been working evenings and weekends!

I did manage to get out to shoot last week one day and it was so very exciting. I do love being out shooting birds and wildlife. I managed to get out to Harrison Mills to Photograph Bald Eagles (with little luck), but it was still great being out!

The time out though, has motivated me and effective Tuesday I will be a part of a new artists group. I am excited about that. I do have some work to finish and a few loose ends to tidy up but I am sooo looking forward to being back at photography.

Because of all the work I have put things in place that will help me get back to a more normal life, some hard decisions were made and I have simplified my life. Sometimes I wonder if being a poor starving artist would be better?

I was inspired by a site I ran across. I don’t necessarily agree with everything, but its a great list and it can make you think about things. A nice read.

Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life

I’ll keep people updated about the Artists group. In the mean time I have started a new project “Un-loved Eggs”. More on this later…

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