Finding Your Voice: The Photographers Journey from Composition to Style – Workshop

Join me for this two-day intensive workshop focused on composition and style. This is not meant as an introduction to Composition but rather sets a comprehensive foundation to composition and balance that leads to a better understanding of what style is.

A comprehensive two-day workshop that explores Composition and how its understanding leads to Artistic or Personal Style.   This workshop will examine much more than the ten basic rules of composition including:

The Science and Psychology of Composition
Beyond the Ten Basic Elements of Composition
Medium-Specific Controls (Photo, Paint, Film)
Placement/Point of Focus
Space (Subject Space, Background & Negative Space)
Balance (What is it & how to recognize good balance)
Compositional Notions and Devices
Breaking the Rules
Understanding Eye Movement

And will further define and explore Style:

What is Style
Recognizing Style
Defining Style
How to refine your Style

It is designed for anyone who wants to develop a personal and unique style in their photography. If you want to perfect the ability to consistently produce images that reflect your vision, this class is for you. A general understanding of the basics of composition is helpful but not required.

Limited to just 8 students.

There is a multipage handout that will act as a learning guide given to students at the end of the class.

Date & Time

Next Class - Saturday & Sunday, November 23 & 24, 2019

  • Saturday: Please try to arrive for 8:45 to 9:00 am to allow for introductions, a quick tour, refreshments and breakfast (coffee/tea, donuts/pastries/fruit) and processing payments. Class will begin at 9:30 am sharp.
  • Sunday: Class starts at 9:30 am sharp, please come early to allow for breakfast. If you have questions, need specific help, or just want to lounge around prior to class.
  • Classes usually end around 4:30 pm but may run until 5:00 pm in order to answer any questions.


The workshop takes place in my private studio for a comfortable hands-on learning experience.

Banded Rock Studios (in Ladner)
4681 – 56th Street, Delta, BC V4K 3X4

Class Details

  • Pre-Class Assignment  
  1. Find 4 or 5 images from a photographer whose style you like. Or 4 or 5 images of a similar style you like from various photographers. Put them on a USB Stick.
  2. Find 10 to 12 of your own images from a single genre that you like to photograph. (Or two genres with 5 to 6 images each). Print 5x7 images (4x6 will do) of each image. 5x7's or even 8x10's work better for what we will do and the cost is negligible. Make the images fit so please do not crop the images. This may leave blank areas if you print a panorama for example. You can print these yourself or have them done at a lab and do not need to be ultra high quality. Costco prints are fine for this assignment. These images will be handled by members of the class.
  3. Once you have registered you should get a Pre-Class Assignment Questionnaire. Please fill the questionnaire out! Please submit this by the Thursday evening prior to class (digitally). If you cannot, please do not worry and just bring a printed copy (or a digital copy on a USB Stick) on Saturday morning.
  • What to Bring to Class
  1. Your USB Stick with images (and your Questionnaire if you have not submitted it by the Previous Thursday)
  2. Your 10 to 12 Printed Images
  3. Notepad and Pen
  4. An appetite for breakfast
  5. An appetite for learning!


This 2-day workshop is $189.00 plus taxes (GST & PST of $22.68) for a total of $211.68.

Upon paid registration, students will receive further details and specific homework instructions.

This class requires a minimum of 4 registered students to run and has a limit of 8 students to allow for personal coaching time with each student.