Muse as Art


“Women are our most miraculous muse, an enchanted intangibility that encourages all art.”

CeeLo Green

Muse as Art

It's hard for me to fathom my life, my art, without the muse. I am not sure if she ever visited before, but I remember her from when I was only six. She has been there for me my entire life, fleeting as muses do, but always there when I needed her most. This quote by Harlan Coben best describes my interaction with her...:

``The muse is not an angelic voice that sits on your shoulder and sings sweetly. The muse is the most annoying whine. The muse isn't hard to find, just hard to like - she follows you everywhere, tapping you on the shoulder, demanding that you stop doing whatever else you might be doing and pay attention to her. `` - Harlan Coben

She has inspired me and my art for far too long without my acknowledging her. This project is about capturing her essence, her joie-de-vivre, her playful moods and mischievous deeds.

Muse Photography by Jean-Francois Cleroux