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Northern Exposures Photography Website Development

One World Trade Center Reflection

Reflection from One World Trade Center in NY.

The Northern Exposures Photography Website is coming along but it is a very long and daunting process. Besides the physical design of the site which takes a lot of tweaking and the required content there are a whole lot of other things to consider. SEO Information is required and I have started this process. Google Analytics has been set up. I still need to add Bing and others search site information. I need to add social content sites like Facebook and Pinterest links but before doing that I need to create the Social Media Site accounts on the respective pages. Facebook done.

As a photographer/artist I want to separate my artists photography website from my work and my other sites. In essence I want to create a whole new identity for me and my art. Domain name, check. Domain Host 1&1, check. New E-mail address, check. Website platform, WordPress, check. New Google account, check. New Facebook account, check. On and on it goes, where it will stop, nobody knows.

A lot of this technical and social media information and set up can be done or added as I go along. Especially as it will require more research and leaning. I have mostly finished the design aspects and have figured out how I want pages and portfolios to appear. The next big push will be content. I need to create all the Project Information Pages and have the project data for each project reviewed by peers at tabulaRASA. I then need to gather, collect, organize images for Portfolio Pages. Each image will need to be key-worded and descriptions added along with tags, no simple task. OK, perhaps simple but a long task sorting out through 8 years of images and in the process deciding which images should be included on this site.

I’m not sure what part of the setting up a whole web site takes the longest but doing all of it, properly, sure does take time. Onward and Upward!